Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why This Won't Be a Mommy-Blog

If you’ve been paying any attention at all, or in my case if someone told you, there are a million and fifty-one mommy-blogs out there, and very few are making much money…you can just trust me on this. 

There’s no need to do any careful analysis.  The dude who told me is super smart. 

There is the same number of blogs (reminder: 1.51million) dedicated to telling you how to make money from your mommy-blog, and this raises another question:  are THEY making money?  But for today’s purpose, I'm only going to tell why this won’t be a mommy-blog.
In all my years of blogging, which hovers somewhere between -1 and 1, I have seen a fair number of blogs which are “Dear Diary” forums, or “How-To-Make-Money-Being-A-Mommy” forums, when it comes to the world of “Being Mom”.  They tell you things like: what to do on snow days, how to make cheap eats, and fun crafts with beer bottle tops and modge podge.  
The real and honest question is who’s going to pay for that kind of blog in a completely saturated market?  When you can get the milk for free, why buy the cow?  Isn’t that the usual saying whereby women are compared to cattle?
And then there's GOOGLE!!  Now we ALL have a voice: a big loud voice with some seriously important things to share.  With Google all things are possible, if you have 45,000 minutes to scroll through 45,000 pages of suggested sites.  And since we’re all JUST stay at home moms, we DO have that time!! 
Finally, there’s what some people would call “The Fundamental Nature of Woman” which is standard terminology for “we’re a care taking bunch who put ourselves on the back burner as long as you’re happy” so we’ll blog whatever you want and mention your product for free.  See Darwin and Origin of the Species….see also the vast number of blogs putting up product photos and talking about features, advantages and benefits of any number of products with no financial compensation of any kind.  

There isn't even a thought of it!
Saturation of market, inherent martyr complex, no obvious money to be made (which is the BEST money to make in my opinion), in addition to my fundamental lack of interest (the real and truest reason), and it all adds up to why this won’t be a mommy-blog. 
What WILL it be?  I don’t know.  You’ll have to come back to find out, because I have a lot of things I think about and Google has promised me that you can know those things too.
Here’s a little piece of advice just so you know I care about you:  If she’s “riding six white horses when she comes” she’s probably more woman than you can handle. 
P.S. Most of the blogs I’ve read recently (4) seem to get their money by asking me to buy access to the person writing it.  ACT NOW!!  Send me $11.63 and I’ll tell you something I’m thinking….you can’t lose!

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