Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do You Need Therapy? YES.

Don’t worry...I’m talking to everyone. Not JUST you. Pretty much everyone alive should be in counseling, and if you’ve ever met anyone (except your family who you already know needs some serious therapy) then you already agree with this.

If you’re one of the few people who haven’t met other people, and don’t share this view, then get to counseling, because you’ve got issues I can’t even touch on this blog.

Take a gander at this opinion I just made up:  most people walking around are messes. Hot messes. You might see them at work, at a holiday gathering, or in the bar you frequent far too often and they look normal and happy. They look GREAT!! Their hair is nicely done, their clothes match, they may be clean shaven in places visible and not, but they’re sporting the perma-grin that should let you know:  things is messed up somethin' fierce.  

Even if you're positive that you're just fine:  happy, centered, calm and mentally stable...why not head on over to a therapy couch? I’m betting with just a teensy bit of investigation, you’d find that you’re covering up a veritable fount of messiness.  

Lest you think I’m a wicked cynic, with no faith in happiness or well-adjustment, let me say this:  we are one of the only societies sporting a fundamental belief in the RIGHT to happiness. I blame the founding fathers. They were an alcoholic, work-a-holic bunch (see history of slavery and plantation ownership) who might have been a skoshe off their rockers. Not many other "peoples" feel the entitlement to happiness and fulfillment that we, as Americans, feel. Most cultures expect life to be hard and, well...that's pretty much their only expectation of life. But not our homeboys, the founding fathers. We got ourselves some unalienable entitlements. They could write. I’ll give them plenty of credit and thanks for that. But it is at their feet that I lay blame. And I’m working on it, you counseling.

Incidentally, if you feel all put together mentally, and think you’ve got something to offer the poor messy masses, why not BECOME a counselor? I mean, for real...what better way to stay sane than to surround yourself with crazy? It’s a bona fide growing field, which you can learn more about at the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. That site has all sorts of “fun” facts and figures, which if you find them fun, get to a couch. STAT.

Finally, I’d like to answer what I know is your most pressing question. Where do I get off advising YOU to go get brain shrunk? Duh. I’ve been an ardent seeker of couch time my entire life.  


Where else can I go and get a full hour of someone’s undivided attention? Who else validates every feeling I have, and tells me that nothing I’m thinking or feeling is wrong?!? It’s a sheer delight to sit in a dimly lit office, on a comfy couch and let it ALL out.... Sure it costs $50 a pop with my newly upped copay, but that’s a real bargain when you weigh it against the feeling of lightness, happiness, and self-worth with which I'm entitled to leave.

And honestly, if I’ve pissed you off in any way, talk to your counselor about it. I helps.

Picture today courtesy is of: A History of New York

PS- Earlier when I referenced " a veritable fount of messiness", I want you to know I spent considerable time checking whether or not to use "font" instead. FYI, there's no consensus. Font is a basin, fount is a spring...either way, you got messiness. Just sayin'.

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