Monday, February 14, 2011

Faux-Spring Brain Drain

After what feels like a literal EON (which is “an indefinitely long period of time” and therefore exceedingly useful in a LITERAL sense) the weather in my fair city has turned mild.  Sudden temperatures of 55 degrees and higher make my brain go on pause.  Here’s why.

The rebirth of society during this dress rehearsal for Spring  makes me squeamish, and even though I want to be out in it, I really don’t want to have to TALK to people.  I like the park as well as the next guy, or gal if it’s 1950, but I’m a little put off by all the communication that is required of an emerging Spring.

Just at the time when Mother Nature is restoring my very will to live, society zaps me of it.  Yes, yes, I’m out, you’re out.  I DO have an adorable dog...that’s why we got her.  It IS such a lovely day...yes.  That’s why we’re all here.  We’ve never met; why do we have to talk so much?

And by the way, make your kid get off the slide, because mine wants a turn.  I’ve had all I can handle of my two little hellions and now that everyone can get out and be in the sunshine, and therefore in each other’s eyesight, can you get out of the way?

So here’s the deal.  I have spent my week end doing yard work.  And being at the park.  And walking my dogs.  Honestly, I've nothing left for the blogosphere, because this nice weather has completely zapped my brain of any and all ability to communicate beyond my own inner monologue, as written in small part here.  

Plus it’s Valentine’s Day, and quite frankly that’s too much pressure!!  I neither love nor hate the concept of romantic love, I don’t feel pressured to buy into or opt out of the grandeur of the day, and I’d just as well leave it to you to slog out.

So Happy *Almost* Spring,  Happy Valentine’s Day, or just Happy Monday!  I got nothing.

Post Script:  The picture at the top is the “glory hole” in Monticello Dam, in California.  Of note, glory hole also a different meaning, but you’ll have to find that somewhere else, because I've listed this blog as devoid of "adult content"...consider it a Valentine's Day Internet scavenger hunt.  ;-)

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