Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My How We've Grown....

I’m not watching anything about Charlie Sheen, and I opted out of the Britney Spears saga as well as Mel's mind-numbingly repetitious use of maniacal ramblings. I really can’t watch people circle the drain…but I love that the rest of society wants to! Celebrity rehab? Sounds like prime time to me, so go on...tune in!

Remember the one about Buddha? In that post we talked about my being happy knowing other people are in abiding misery. I’m not happy about Chuck’s misery, but what makes me a little giddy is that the mass populous of American society takes its entertainment in the form of watching the utter destruction of a psyche.

Where the Romans had coliseums, we have A BOUNTY of media outlets proclaiming on high the spiraling descent of stars. No, Sheen isn't being eaten by a lion (yet)…but he is imploding into a black hole of humanity. They should sell tickets to this stuff! What could possibly be better than watching a fellow human lose their mind in a public arena? Uh...NOTHING.

As a proud and noble society, we are rapt with fascination. And we've certainly evolved from the base and ignorant manner of watching IN PERSON...heavens no, we prefer to video tape it and put it on the internet. 

For most people, that's what the internet and YouTube have added to their lives! It's a moral high ground from which to look through a window to actual suffering and public displays of unraveling. I guess it’s a sad commentary on the viewer’s state of mind, as well as the celeb du jour (if you're going to actually start THINKING about it), but it’s not sad for me.

My entertainment is in watching the watchers. How many more days and nights of television and internet time is going to be spent on the madness of Charlie Sheen? He has over 2 million Twitter followers!

Over 2 million people want what feels like one on one contact with a man who can’t get out of his own way to save his or his children’s lives.  I’m not linking you to his Twitter feed, because I’m not one of the 2 million and if you want to be, well, you have to work for it.

Entertainment should never be free; for this one, the currency is your time in finding him.  Since that’ll take you 22 seconds, I think the price is fairly cheap. Although…so is the item of purchase. If you’re not happy with JUST Chuckles, then you can double your investment and click on MTV, VH1, Bravo or E! and watch a 24 hour cycle of the worst society has to offer: spray tanned, silicone infused, foul mouthed, half naked, drunken Americana.


Hurry! Tune in to see women competing for mutilation and reconstruction before their weddings. Go watch rich ladies with nothing better to do slog it out in limos, wearing Manolos and chugging champagne (because once the Jersey Shore heads into a limo, it's HIGH CLASS). The fodder here for social anthropologists is simply astounding. 

But who cares about that? Just start watching, ASAP! After all, if you don’t push those ratings up and make those little media darlings dance, how will I get MY entertainment?

As a caveat, lest you think I'm the weird one in this liking to watch the watchers, I present for your consideration the internet phenom of the millions (nay ga-jillions) of videos of the people watching the two girls and the cup, and only the one video of the actual two girls.

Need I say more?

*I can't find the original credit for the comic at the top. It's embedded in other people's sites without attribution, and I'm a lemming. So it's here anonymously as well. If you're bored you can go look for it and leave the attribution in a comment. No one will thank you.

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