Monday, April 18, 2011

I got nuthin'...

It's Monday in my part of the world and I have blessedly little to say. Nothing I'm working on seems to have any value today...ever have one of those days? My feet are in mud, and not the pore cleansing kind, just the regular old mud that may or may not have dog poo in it.

A few weeks back I wrote about a faux-Spring brain drain, in a post titled "Faux-Spring Brain Drain". I had a picture of a glory hole in that one, and I swear to all that's decent in this world there's nothing better than a picture of a glory hole when it's not the glory you were expecting! Scientists are so funny!

However, today I'm experiencing a real Spring brain drain. Nothing funny happened to me over the week end. I took my sons hiking and we found some Brachiopods (circa FIVE HUNDRED MILLION YEARS AGO!!! Take that Old Testament...) and my husband called our 9 year old over to where a giant snake was and our son scared the snake and it jumped off a hill into the son's reaction was pure hilarity, but you kind of had to be there.

When I see it typed out it looks mean, but trust me it was funny and the boy was in no severe danger....maybe a little danger, but that's what makes life fun, yeah?
Here's a picture of brachiopods so you'll
forget about the snake part of the story.

My six year old informed us that, like the new Rhianna song "S&M", chains and whips also excite him...because chains and whips can do cool stuff in video games. This story also sounds worse the more I tell it. If I want to keep the kid, I better shut up now.

I guess today's post is really an apology for not having a post. I considered giving you a really good recipe so there would be something of value herein, but when I thought about it I felt like that was just giving you a chore. Skip it....

As a last resort I'll share with you a story I keep tucked away for my second to most dire times (the thing I use for my most dire times can be shared on a later date when what we're lamenting isn't simply lack of quality content). The story I recount in my second most dire times comes from a friend, who saw the story on TV.

In this story a woman was born with a giant tumor hanging off her face. If you have TLC on cable you may have seen this episode. The tumor grows for the woman's entire life and she's basically homebound as a freak of nature. There's nothing else wrong with her; she is fully capable in the mental department and she has no other physical limitation.

Just that giant tumor hanging off her face.  (Bet you wish I had a picture...)

I tell you this because when you compare your second to most awful troubles to having a giant tumor hanging off your upset can you be? At least you can take a walk or go shopping! You can eat an ├ęclair or super sized fries. The poor tumor face lady couldn't do that, and THAT is why there was a show about her. Can you imagine not being able to eat fries?

No giant tumor keeping me away from these...

If it ever happens that you can't eat fries, I'll tell you what to do in those direst of circumstances.

But today, let's all just let this one go....I got nuthin' to say of any value and won't waste your time making you read drivel (too late!). As my apology, please remember:

At least you don't have a giant tumor hanging off your face.

Most Sincerely,

P.S.  If you DO have a giant tumor hanging off your face, please know that you aren't alone and somewhere out there is a lady who shares your pain.  Contact TLC.  I'm sure they can hook you up with her.  In the meantime, I AM SO SORRY I made you look at Mc Donalds french fries when you can't even eat them.... 

*Brachiopods courtesy of, fries courtesy of

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