Friday, April 15, 2011

Slap...Now Let it Go.

Slapping Barbara Eden.
She's not even facing the right way for this to be believable.

I had a great blog written for today, by which I mean I had a first draft of something written, when for some unknowable reason my computer didn't follow standard protocol and restarted itself without warning me first.


I was so mad I wanted to throw this stupid pile of plastic out my window and watch a car run over it. What I HAD BEEN writing about was children and how many rules they live with and under these days, about how I never remember having these rules and how adults didn't seem to mind the behaviors of children so much. When I was growing up no one was on medicine and we were allowed to tromp through yards that weren't perfectly manicured....


Gone.  And now I don't really care anymore about kids, lawns or rules.  Because I got too mad at stupid effing technology for ruining a perfectly adequate slap Friday post.

So here we all are today wondering what will spew forth from my brain and fingers...and all I can think about is how ridiculous it is that I got so mad about losing a half written piece on something probably no one cares about anyway.  I guess I was making a comment on society at large and how we're all so consumed with expectations and parameters...or something.  Who even knows?  And who cares?  It's gone.  Let's say good bye.

Now what I'm thinking about is how I shouldn't be so attached to these sorts of things, or much of anything at all, really.  Truly nothing is permanent so why get all jeeved up about things? Ideas and feelings are a renewable resource without end. There's no need to reduce and reuse them!  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about recycling and what I was going for was the notion that we need to give away our energy, feelings and ideas.

We need to recycle them, and send them out into the world, not hoard them in our mental closets. I guess it's a lesson I need for myself every once in a while too, because I get very attached to ideas and feelings, thinking I know what I think I know...assuming my judgement is correct and holding on to something I believe to be a permanent idea.

But I need to let them go because I can always (always!) find another one. In holding on to our own notions, we nit pick each other and each other's ideas to death.  When all we can find fault with in another person is the choice of words they used to express a fundamentally correct idea, we're keeping some energy and idea of our own that's not quite right.

When we attach our notions of superiority to the tone in someone else's voice, or what we assume they must have meant by something, we're really just using that as an excuse to stay locked up in a hoard of a mental idea closet.

We see it all the time with politicians attacking each other at the jugular over a single word used in a 4,000 word speech, or attacking each other because of what they've decided another's intent or lack of intent was in a speech.  If we look at the many, many years of our nation's life we've always been okay.  We've always come out on top and we've remained a singular nation on earth.  We continue to be the country millions of people want to join.

Why is this, if every four years a full one half of our country thinks it's going straight into the bowels of Hell, fascism or socialism....communism or any other ideal that's distasteful?  We have never once been a country of Hitler, Mussolini or Satan.  EVER.

He's got your fascism, right here!

It's because it's all ideas, people...just ideas.  We don't actually change anything do we? Things morph a small amount from generation to generation but the final result is really just a bit of maturation, not a killing and rebirth.  We all need to calm down and remember that the Idea Store never closes, and it never runs out!!

We don't have to cling tightly to our notions and our ideas.  We SHOULD be open to recycling at least try them on for size.  If they don't fit: shed them and move on to what's next, because there is ALWAYS something next. 

That's the gorgeousness of the human mind. 

We're never at a loss for what to do next.  So what my post disappeared?  I seem to be spewing forth with plenty here this morning.  And if you don't like it, or you disagree, so what?  Maybe Monday you'll like what I'm writing.

Put it to yourself.  What are you hoarding in your mind-closet?  What's so special and dear in that brain matter that absolutely nothing and no one can possibly counter it with ANYTHING more valid, or more compelling?  Take stock. 

Some things are inviolable.  We don't hurt others, especially children.  We love our families.  We worship the God of our choice with vigor but with acceptance of the other names people attach to It.

These are the walls and floor of the closet, and they can stay of course.  But what else are you squirreling away in there that could use a little light of day?  What's old and out dated?  Go ahead and Spring Clean your conscience a bit.  You might find some old stuff you love and haven't seen in years, and you might find some things that are hilarious that you even thought them in the first place. If you're honest, there's a lot to throw away because very few ideas and notions are pure and complete. 

So toss them.  Let the ether destroy them and see what comes to take their place.  Maybe what you'll get is something better.

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