Friday, May 27, 2011

Don't Bring Me Down


In 1996 Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a trained and published neuroanatomist (someone who studies post-mortem brains), suffered a rare-ish type of stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain.  The stroke was the result of an “arteriovenous malformation and flooded the portion of her brain responsible for language and analysis of information.  As a result she was rendered a solely FEELING person.

What does that mean?  To be a FEELING person. 

Language meant nothing to her. She couldn’t talk, she couldn’t decode what was happening to her because the portion of brain left untouched was the sensory part so all she picked up on was the intentions, the aura, and the energy each person brought to her.  In an interview she said that when her mother arrived she had no idea who this person was, but when her mother climbed into bed with her and began holding her and nurturing her it became clear…mother is someone good! She was reduced to her most primal and infantile.  And FEELING is what we sense most; even when we’ve chosen to turn that portion off in our regular day.

Through her long recovery she learned that what she needed was positive energy from her caregivers and so she had placed in her room a sign that read:


Since I heard this story I can barely think of anything else.  What is the energy you bring into a room?  Do you walk in smiling?  When you come home from work are you demonstrably glad to see your spouse, partner or children, even if the work stresses are still following you?  When you see a friendly co-worker do you share happiness, or drag them down with you into your pit of despair?  What energy do you bring?

For sure it’s true that sometimes negative energy is what’s needed.  Although calling it negative may be a misnomer.  When you walk into a meeting at work where you are the focus you bring big, bold, assertive energy.  When you walk into an operating theater you bring that same bold energy.  Any job that is yours you approach with strength.  It’s confidence.  And it’s good.

But when the day is killing you slowly and you see someone who COULD bring you up do you bring them open energy, asking for help?  Or do you shut them down completely with your closed off anger and frustration?  When you are the person who could help…do you accept an angry friend, spouse or co-worker with open hearted energy or do you stare them down, wondering how they can dare bring you negativity?

We each must ask ourselves: what energy am I bringing here and now?  Even in our most negative moments we must try to be open to receiving positivity.  Because when we are negative and closed off we feed that feeling into the environment around us. How many people do you know who can say that when member X of their family arrives home from work in a bad mood the night is ruined?

THEY get it! Why can't we?

Sometimes I wish that the energy and intentions people show their beloved pets would be bestowed on the humans who surround them. Inmates in maximum security detention centers work with dogs who will serve as companions to PTSD warriors, and find that they can tap into love and acceptance with these animals. 

Because our pets are giant balls of right brain feeling energy...they radiate love and acceptance no matter how monstrous your day has been, no matter how many mistakes you've made. Can we really NOT harness the same way of thinking as our DOGS? Surely we can surrender to positive energy when we approach each other, just as we do when we see our pets.

Our moods and feelings are truly infectious and we must make a concerted effort to bring openness, acceptance, and positivity to situations. Who has the ego so great that they can't stop and acknowledge that they have no right to change the energy for those around them? It’s the most caring thing we can do for our loved ones and the most caring thing we can do for ourselves.

Inviting happiness, peace and calm hurts NO please...


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