Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Kill Me Now

Today is a day of mourning. 

It is the last day of school for my two sons.

My life is over.

I have ten and a half weeks of this ahead of me: 
“I’m booooored”
“There’s nothing to dooooo”
 “Are we doing anything FUN today?”
 “Mama, can I have more computer time?”

I have the usual things lined up...we'll  go to the zoo, the museum, the art museum, parks, the library to brush up on bodily fluid identification, the pool so we can experience the thrill of peeing freely...but that's all just ridiculously mundane to the 10 and 6 year old crowd.  SOOO 2010. 

Therefore, in an attempt to avoid throwing my boys across the room tomorrow, I may have found the greatest thing ever. 

Holy crap, it’s the coolest.  All over the world, and most likely in several places in your town, there are boxes hidden along trails, up in trees, on the street, under water…all manner of places!!  Once you sign up for this FREE service, you get coordinates to a cache sent to your GPS or smartphone. (Elitist I know, but jump into the new millennium with me.)

Then you start looking!  When you get to the general area you’re notified that you’re close and then the hunt begins, because the cache is hidden. 

After you find the box you open it, sign the log that you’ve been there, and then my miscreant, devil sons (and your miscreant, devil children as well!) get to take a trinket from the box!  The rule is to have a small trinket with you to leave in its place for the next little wretch to find.

GEOCACHING!!  It’s a worldwide scavenger hunt!

Check it out pals.  Because, honestly…I think this one might be fun for ME. I plan to start an adult geocache around town and leave things my friends might like to find:  packs of cigarettes, travel size whiskey, bags of chips, $5 gift cards, ammunition….the possibilities are endless.

Look carefully for the cache I left!

*Photos: beijing-kids.com, and my phone.

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