Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rising From the Dead and Multiple Marriages

In the past few years something awful has happened.  Soap operas are disappearing from daytime TV, and I’m not sure if society at large understands the implications. We are losing our fiction!!

Sure we have all sorts of “Reality TV” now to serve as fiction, since we seem content to go along with the notion that the reality we see on “Jersey Shore,” “Real Housewives” and “Love in Paradise” are unscripted, in the moment, docu-dramas…but they aren’t! They’re poorly veiled, thinly disguised coliseum rehashes! Even our theaters are filled with remakes, reboots, redeauxs...whatever.  We have no fiction.

And fiction (not to be confused with FRICTION) plays such an important role in life. It’s an escape, a mirror, a foil to our everyday lives and the doldrums therein. Reality TV is jumping into the drama that the worst of society creates for itself. And what is it saying about society that we so crave the pretend drama of 15 men vying for one woman? In “real” life we have worser names for her than “The Bachelorette,” and she probably has a rap sheet a mile long with the words “solicitation” and “sex acts” written on it somewhere….

A "Bachelorette" by any other name is called a "Hooker."

I believe it’s come to the point that we no longer realize we’re seeing fiction because it’s reality, but it’s not reality…it’s fiction.

We’ve dumped Charlie Sheen, and for that I’m grateful, however we still need to dump Trump, Bachelors, Housewives (mob or otherwise), Big Brothers and Love on deserted islands…deserted except for the camera crew, sound crew, boom operators, medical staff, caterers and make-up crew.  Remember when a person could say, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV?”

We need a call for true fiction like we’ve had for so many years in our daytime soap operas:  no holds barred and no limits. Because I can’t handle the train wreck that is the manufactured drama of “real life.”   Except in the case of HOARDING.

Now THIS is reality...not mine, but someone who's
 obviously not found Oprah.

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