Friday, July 15, 2011

SLAP! I'm Sick of the Violence!

I think by now I should be some kind of master of the seas...and the rough waters are just about all I can handle anymore. How about you? Are you feeling roughed out too?

There is so much vitriol in the news as politicians are gearing for battle rather than discourse, and people are barking at each other over the battling politicians instead of listening to one another. We're shouting about how awful the job market is, how big industry is prospering while the commoner sinks ever lower. Shouldn't we all be geniuses of the seas by now? Shouldn't a few folks be able to shut up by now?

I appreciate what the saying is teaching: It is through hard times that we learn, but why do there have to be so many and why do we have to be in each other's way all the damned time?

Over on the Facebook page for Dirty Words I asked a question as part of a joke, which I was using to excuse my lack of posting on Tuesday. For full details hop on over and like the page...I think I put up some fairly amusing pictures. But a few of the responses got me thinking about truth and about how we treat each other.

We make choppy waters for one another and I don't think it's because we're out there looking to help each other grow spiritually or emotionally.

The old adage that if you don't have something nice to say then you say nothing at all is dead and buried. We say what we want, when we want, to whomever we want and the consequences are nil; so we think. The consequences are deep and we feel them far more than we let on. After all, if we acknowledge them then our roles in the acts must be considered and I'm betting we're all guilty on some level of being snarky, spiteful or contrary just for its own sake.

What do we "get" from this? What do we get from deriding another person or demeaning their thoughts and feelings because they're alien to us? We think we're being heard but I don't think anyone listens to opposition anymore because it's far too much shouting.

I'm fairly sick of talk radio, news TV, news in general and most of what passes for political discourse anymore. And it's such a shame that EVERYTHING is political.

Education? Political.
Food? Political.
Environment? Political.
Parenting style? Political.
Even buying the clothes I wear can be political.

"No matter what side you're on, if it's not mine it's the wrong side." Right?

I'm It's not right.

I want the water to calm down so I can learn something, so I can hear something, so I can understand something. I want the boat to stop rocking so violently so I can look a problem in its face and walk around it a bit, get to know it and then seek to solve it. Real life problems are not meant to be solved amidst intense turmoil.

As it turns out, to ancient wisdom and ancient sages I respectfully disagree that a calm sea never made a skilled mariner because we need the calm. What I want for the mariner is to have a moment to absorb the lessons of the tumultuous waters while gliding on a silken strand of shimmering sea.


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