Friday, July 1, 2011

SLAP! Listen Grasshopper

Previously, on Dirty Words.....

We've talked about getting out of your own inner monologue when you come across someone bothering you. I've told you that maybe a person has hot beans in their lap and THAT'S why they're driving so slowly, or that maybe the person in front of you at the check out line is preoccupied with news of their Wounded Warrior....

So we're supposed to go through life allowing that what may be happening around us has nothing at all to do with us, and no one is working feverishly to stand in our way. Right?

But what if they actually ARE standing in our way?

No no...we'll walk AROUND you....
For the love of government cheese, get out of your own head and remember that people are around us! The yin yang concept informs us that sauntering down a busy street at rush hour is the same internal self-absorption as assuming that the person you see doing it is doing it to you...

See what I did there? Paradox.

You can't be in the middle of the road driving with your turn signal on for three or four miles. You can't stop at the immediate spot of exit from a building to light your cigarette and make a phone call. When you are talking on your cell and you're in a hallway...USE YOUR INSIDE VOICE! Unless you're part of a flash mob, there's no excuse for stopping mid stride at a train station...for anything. The same rule applies to swerving across three lanes of traffic so as not to miss an know another one is two miles down, right? And perhaps, just perhaps, when there is a line 16 deep behind you at the convenience store, don't count out your exact change or quibble over which scratch off lottery ticket you're getting: "Uh, no I want the one a little to your left...little more...little, sorry, I meant the one to the right."

The message is still the same peepers...get out of your head. BE in the world. Be present and awake and see everything happening around you. Don't be so quick to judge why a person is making your travel harder, but don't be the person making travel harder for someone else!

水能載舟,亦能覆舟 (pinyin: shuǐ néng zài zhōu, yì néng fù zhōu)
  • Literally: Not only can water float a boat, it can sink it also. 
  • Equivalent English saying: The knife cuts both ways.

When we aren't in the moment it passes us by and we don't see what's around us. 

So go on, readers! Go out into life and the world and offer it something other than obstruction. Offer it something of value or compassion.

And that's your slap.

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