Sunday, August 21, 2011

Claim Your Prize

I went to a resort while on vacation a long, long time ago. Every morning the dude would get on the PA system and tell the guests what activities were available for the day and I will never forget one thing he said almost every day:

If you don’t play, you can’t win.

He was talking about “crazy crazy sand volleyball” but I think it’s germane to every day life.

Sometimes things happen to us that seem good but overwhelming, stressful in their inherent demand of change, scary because they’re unknown. Even really wonderful events can be stressful and changing the groove you’ve known for so long is distressing in its mystery.

Imagine you’re on a boat and it’s cruising through rocky water. You’re bashing into hard ground, stony outcroppings and brackish waves. It’s your boat, so you ride it…what other choice is there? That’s just life pal! Sometimes the ride sucks. But then you look out on the horizon and see a different boat. It looks just as sturdy as your own boat, but it’s gliding on the water. It navigates the bumps with more ease and the waves only bounce it a bit. There’s no sloshing, no upheaval like your boat.

Let’s say that different boat is within swimming distance of your own boat and all you have to do is JUMP. You know how to swim, and you know that you can navigate the new boat because the language of sailing is the same over there. All you have to do is take the risk on the JUMP and a better life, a more fulfilling life awaits…just over there!

So what do you do?

Here are the risks…you have to swim, and you’re not used to swimming…but you know how.  You're used to your boat and all the people and things on it, but you can always sail that nice new boat back over to this one. You don’t know what kind of amenities the other boat has, but the way it’s gliding on the water and holding itself upright leads you to believe with certainty that it’s a sound vessel with a good crew. And the longer you watch it the more calm you feel.

Why not jump?

I’m not advocating that people leave their spouses and children to chase dreams and I'm not telling you to take every risk presented to you. That’s dumb. But there are times in life when a prize is awarded to YOU and it’s the right prize; the one upon which you bid in the silent auction that houses our dreams. And now you have to claim it.

Whatever your desire or goal is, when the time is right and it seems to fall into place before your eyes, without drama or complicated finagling on your part, maybe that means it’s yours to claim. The right path doesn’t need to be cleared…it just appears and you feel calm and happy at the thought of traveling it. This doesn’t mean it’s easy to walk the path.

But when you know it, see it and understand that it’s yours there is no reason to not travel it. Scary, exciting, mysterious and unknown as it is, the prize is yours to claim.

All you have to do is jump. You know who you are.

If you look closely
what you want is just through the window.

*Thanks Cracker Jack and Vincent Van Gogh for your pictures! The last one belongs to Ben friend.

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