Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene Fails to Deliver on Overhyped Drama

Psshh...that's just some fun redecorating

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty bunched up about the news coverage of Hurricane Irene. SO much ado and only 40 deaths, as of today. Only 9.4 million without power...only an entire town seeing Japanese style flooding in VERMONT. Vermont! Who cares about them?

In this day and age, post Katrina, there's no need to evacuate major metropolitan areas along the east coast for a trifling Cat 1 hurricane! If Katrina taught me anything it's that we should all just ignore warnings and wait and see. No one ever got hurt by taking a "wait and see" attitude. Truly, after 2005 we should just assume that the worst has happened. Bad things don't happen again if they happened six years ago. So, the media got to go off on a tangent to make some money for vendors who catered to scaredy cats.

After all, a few people packed up and left their homes: for what? It wasn't worth it if the house was still there when they got back! Why....they could have ridden that one out, and everyone knows that hindsight is 20/20 and also foresight. That's why they call it hindsight. When a weather expert is calling for you to leave because a potentially devastating natural calamity is heading your way, it's never the order of the day to LISTEN.

What do they know?

I've seen bigger

If they knew anything at all, the news outlets would have told people to STAY because again, let me reference Katrina, it's plain fact that more ratings come from people begging for help from their roof tops, with a child drowned in a bedroom below them, than from people returning safely to property damage. Who wants to watch people leave an emergency shelter of their own accord? People were riveted by deaths at the Superdome. Just like everything else, I feel I was promised a blockbuster end of summer event...and all I got was several hundred isolated incidents and 40 dead...FORTY! 

That's totally PG-13. I wanted R. I'm so disappointed.

People lived, and now they have all this extra bottled water and who's gonna drink THAT if there's no disaster afoot?!? No one uses bottled water.... Towns weren't wiped off the map. I mean, high rise buildings didn't collapse. This was so overhyped. This is typical Hollywood to blow up a movie and have it disappoint.

Unless...wait...Irene WAS a movie, right? It wasn't a real life event involving nature, which can't be controlled or predicted with scalpel precision, was it?

I have gargantuan expectations and I can't tell the difference anymore.

New Orleans, 2005

*Photos: dipity.com, ibtimes.com

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