Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life Before Facebook

As if....

Thanks to Facebook the pal in outer Mongolia
is still "in my life!"

What did you do before you bought your first PC? How did you fill your days?

I was thinking today about the relatively short time ago that I didn't have a personal computer at home, and what I did with my time. I read more, if that's possible, and it is...I probably watched more TV which I think is a sum zero trade-off, and I fancy that I knew considerably less.

Before I had Google literally in my pocket, I was content to NOT know an answer in the very moment that I realized I didn't know it. And I'm pretty sure I talked to friends more, hung out with them more and considered only the people I could routinely see, hear and touch my friends. I have a zillion friends now who are people I've never met. Thanks Facebook!

So we're connected via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ et. al...and I think we're way more disconnected which is I actually how I like it. As it turns out, I prefer the friends I've never met because they require so little of me! All they get to see is the happy, funny, sacrcastic fun-times Liz...and I never have to admit to being an insecure emotional trainwreck because I just won't chat during that time!

Facebook has really allowed me to live my best life: that of a cloistered woman in the 1500's. Who knew that the age of burgeoning technoloogy, which keeps us uber connected, would be the same technology that allows me the anonymity and hermitted lifestyle of the medieval nun?

Now I have the freedom to do the things I want!

I'm sure that the printing press ruined people's lives way back when history was ancient, and TV did the same...video games spelled the certain death of life as that society knew it and now Facebook and the Interwebs have picked up the gauntlet. Let it never be said that the video gamers were an unmotivated lot.

What we've let them do is take over all of our lives!! Without Atari, how could I ever play Gardens of Time? I don't even want to think about that life.

*Photo credits: A screen shot and www.cleveland.com

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