Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Google Doodles Freddie Mercury

-Bet he never thought THAT would happen....

Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury! 

Today Mr. Mercury would have been 65 years old and Google has dedicated bandwidth and speed to a doodle...no doubt the fuddy duddies who think Google DOODLES are serious will piss and moan about it.

I'll tell you this: if you're too busy that you can't stop for one minute and thirty eight seconds to pay homage to the Champion maker or to sway to the Rhapsody of Bohemians...then you need to get out from Under the Pressure, my friend. Because Mister Freddie Mercury is still creating A Kind of Magic that Will Rock You

These days no one is Radio Ga Ga anymore, and as we all know The Show Must Go On but I just don't see where we'll get the Staying Power. Without the talent of Freddie M in the world, we might just go Stone Cold Crazy. I guess I'm not too worried about that however, because just when things seem unbearable, a Killer Queen comes along and Saves Me.

For today, Don't Stop Me Now because I have One Vision...and that is to join in the Bicycle Race before Another One Bites the Dust!

Happy Birthday Freddie. No one else could have done a concert in a giant white diaper masquerading as shorts!



  1. Liz, thanks for posting this! I missed it, even though I had a friend remind me via FB the other day. Because, I'm young enough not to know who Freddy Mercury is by his name - but totally know who Queen is.

  2. Damn you Stacey, for being so young!! And also, you're welcome. :)