Friday, September 16, 2011

Slap! Now Manifest!

Thanks Wikipedia!

Dear reader,

A long time ago, in a geographic location far, far away (or present day America) some drunk dudes who knew how to write decided the country wasn't big enough and had to convince its populace that expansion was THE way to go.

I'm not here to debate that. It's ancient American history and look how pretty that picture up there is...who's arguing THAT?

The drunk dudes called it "Manifest Destiny" and here's what it meant:

"The philosophical support for manifest destiny was based on the idea that America was destined to expand democratic institutions in North America, which gave the nation a superior moral right to govern areas where other interests would not respect this goal."
Excerpted from- United States History

I don't really think we have anywhere to GO these days, and I don't believe that our moral compasses all actually point the same "true north" so for today's violence against your face I'm going to bastardize the concept of Manifest Destiny and use it thusly:

Go out there and get what you want.

Unless what you want is illegal or immoral no matter whose compass is facing you....liability issues here, people.

If the drunk founding fathers of these United States could understand that we must harness our energies, direct them towards our goals and convince everyone in our path (including ourselves) that what we want is right and good, then can't you and I do the same?

Woman at her Writing Desk
Museen der Stadt, Vienna

Look at me in that picture! (Pretend it's could be. All it says is "woman" don't know.) I'm writing at my desk! With some sort of spaniel and a dude with a medically concerning forehead watching me! If I can write under these circumstances then what can you do?

What's your destiny and how can you manifest that into reality? You already have a name for it (Manifest Destiny...keep up!), and if you live in Nevada, California, Oregon, Montana know, places near there (I don't care about geography) then you're in BELLY of the manifestation! It's a lot harder for the poor schlubs in Connecticut to manifest any kind of destiny...but you folks in Utah need to hop to it. 

The point is that you can think it and dream as much as you like but if what you want isn't in your hands then you need to step up your game. Take a risk, go ahead and gamble on what you think is your true calling. Whatever first step needs to take place: DO IT. 

If you took the first step and got stuck...pick up that foot and take the second step. Destinations don't often come to us; they take work and travel and time. Sometimes they take detours. All of that is okay as long as you stay on course and manifest what it is you want from life.

So what is it? What do you want? The question really is that simple but the answer may be the most complex you've ever faced. I think that's just life and difficult as it may be, make the most of it...because we only get today and after that we're promised nothing. 

Manifest your destiny...and take it.


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