Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Can Christmas survive?

Not with a policy like THIS....
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"The Consumerist" took this picture.
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So you've no doubt seen this picture all over the Pinterest and Facebook sphere and I bet you've been waiting all day to read my thoughts on it. You can stop holding your breath because here they are!!

I am saddened to see the the further Godlessness-ing of this society. There is already such incredible censorship when it comes to Christmas that people barely even know it exists anymore! Thanks to the war on Christmas that's been being waged by the liberals, atheists and socialists who routinely shop there, Nordstrom has decided to continue their policy of killing Christmas once again. (It goes back a ways if you care to research, but if you're an American then don't bother. Who cares? Not us!)

Normally, I like Christmas to start on or around Memorial Day. It seems fitting to me for no real reason. But in the past several years I've had to wait for over the top decorations, Christmas carols and a sickening retail onslaught until as late as October.  OCTOBER!!  

That's right, the Godless heathens of America have limited me to just two months of deep spiritual connection to my God and the birth of His son. I've felt cheated by my nation in that restriction because there is truly nothing more holy than an aisle at Wal-Mart during the Christmas season. Honestly, it's when I (and all good Christians, really) feel closest to God.... And it's been tough, I admit it, but I've not wanted to be the squeaky wheel, and as most people who know me can attest, I'm tolerant beyond reasonable expectation. 


Nordstrom isn't putting up one bit of tinseled religion, not one ribbon of spiritual reflection, until after THANKSGIVING. What the hell is Thanksgiving anyway? All we do is sit around, eat, talk, be together, watch football and enjoy each other's company. Puh-lease. That's no way to embody or celebrate a season of love, charity and giving! If God wanted me to just hang out with my family and strengthen family bonds then why did He invent presents, or toys made in China??

Obviously, we should all boycott Nordstrom for their clear attack on Christmas. The company's policy of celebrating one holiday at a time would be fine with me...as long the holiday they celebrate is Christmas. 

It's okay, you can buy a new one at Nordy's...
but not till after Thanksgiving. Bastards.

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