Friday, November 4, 2011

Jargon! Synergy! Slap!

This is a late post. Well, I mean, this uploaded user interface is going live after the usual time frame due to the unforeseen consequences of a real-time grouping of ....people. 

I can't even fake it. I don't do jargon very well. 

To me, jargon is a language designed to classify "initiated" versus "non-initiated" and I wonder if it's a false way to judge. I can say the word "modalities" or I can say "formulas or expressions." In most cases, a wider audience will understand the second way of saying it. Just because I used the word "paradigm" rather than "way of thinking" doesn't mean I have a more enlightened paradigm. It just means I know a word that can leave a few people out of a conversation.

Now, here's the devil's advocate, flip side, polemic or opposite opinion (you pick what works best for you.) By using a language that's different from the norm, by speaking in abbreviations or in industry accepted forms of slang, we separate ourselves from each other and distinguish who our peers are. This is a good thing because it tells us who lives on the same level of experience and education as us. We can weed out, avulse, or expatriate anyone who claims to have knowledge fraudulently, erroneously or liar-ly.

And here's the thing about today's post...I don't side either way. It's annoying to speak to someone whose vernacular (or word choice) leaves me out of the conversation at a party. However if the conversation is taking place in an operating theater (or room) then I really have no business there and I should be escorted out when it becomes clear that I have no clue what cardiac dextroposition associated with hypoplastic right lung and abnormal pulmonary blood supply from the descending aorta presented with frequent concomitant lesions means. The jargon clearly has its place.

So here I am...baffled, discomfited and confused, because I don't know what I think...or how to say it even if I did. 

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