Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Micro-Slap!

Yes, Mom...if he told me to jump
off a cliff, I WOULD!
The other night I was watching what I believe to be my personal broadcast of national news from Mr. Brian Williams, a man among men and a real first class addition to my "freebie list," and he told me about an organization that I thought I'd share with you. It belongs in a slap Friday post, but I didn't do one yesterday because I'm a busy worky girl now and I don't have time to hold your hand every single day anymore. That's how it goes, pals.

The organization is called "Spark" and it links at risk students with volunteer professionals who mentor children and show them what it looks like to become whatever their dream is. And of course statistics can be skewed any way you want, but Spark maintains that there is a 30% nationwide drop-out rate and a 50% drop-out rate in the high risk schools from which these students come. Their initial studies show a 98% graduation rate from the Spark program. Seriously...that's pretty good, right?

So anyway, this is a micro slap because I have a busy week end. Check out the website and learn for yourself for once...yeah? You can donate, you can volunteer which is WAY COOL (and I will seriously send a gold star on a postcard if you volunteer) or you can start a Spark program in your school or community. If an international reader does something with Spark, I'll send that person a gold star and the entire pack of star stickers...for crossing international waters!!

And if you live in a super rich community, maybe you still need know, not all kids want to be hedge fund managers and ski resort owners. That's a really hard life and it's just like the kid in an inner city or deep rural school who's never had a levy pass and is using books from 1982.

Have a good week end readers!

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