Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dear Readers


Merry Christmas to you from me. 

I started this blog just 11 short months ago and it's been an extraordinary journey. I've been amazed at what touches people and makes them laugh, grosses them out or makes them think a little deeper. It has been said (by C.S. Lewis in fact) that "we read to know we are not alone." My fervent wish, this day and all others, is that no matter where you are or what your circumstance, you know that you're never alone. Be it in laughter, sorrow, hardship or joy we are all a part of an amazing human family and I cherish each person represented in a page view here. 

May peace and joy be abundant in the coming New Year.

Most sincerely yours,

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  1. Thanks Liz! Glad you're out there... & also right here in my neighborhood