Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Extreme Mediocrity


When I was younger my mother used to badger me with a horrifying directive designed to push me to work to my fullest potential: "Don't settle for mediocrity."  If I heard that awful phrase once, I surely heard it fourteen thousand times. 

"Don't settle for mediocrity!"

Now all these years later, as I hear her voice from the grave (I don't really hear her voice from the grave but it had a dramatic effect, didn't it?!?) I remain staunchly committed to the response I gave her then..."What's wrong with JUST measuring up?" As an adult, I can honestly say that there's NOTHING wrong with just measuring up. Much like the algebra I'm not using, the Shakespearean sonnets no one wants me to perform from memory, or the recitation of a fetal pig's anatomy, being superlative is just not really necessary as an adult.

No one applauds when I say something remarkable so why say it? There isn't an A+ anywhere after I put my heart and soul into a blog, and no one rewards me with a giant bonus check just because I did a really good job at something. Everyone around me expects me to do what I'm told, to do what needs to be done, and if it's clean, it's clean...if it's folded, it's folded...if it's written, it's written. You see where I'm going with this. 

So what if I cleaned a toilet so well you could eat off it? That's a pretty big gamble you're taking on my toilet and cleaning skills if you're willing to use it as a method of food transport TO your mouth. And why would you want to anyway? Even NEW toilets shouldn't be plates. That's why they're called toilets and not plates.

Mediocrity is just fine...my mom was wrong. DEAD WRONG...(drama in effect again!)  While I'd like to be perfect in all endeavors, I believe it would tire me out greatly. Personally, I think being super great at just one or two things is rather forgettable unless the THING is curing some malady, and I mentioned earlier something about fetal pigs...remember that? I wasn't paying attention in biology, so if you think I'm brewing a cure for something you're wrong...possibly dead wrong. (High drama!)

My best advice to you is settle for mediocrity. Be right in the middle of the pack...do a lot of things "just well enough" and everything will turn out "fine"...not great, not spectacular, but fine. And come on, isn't fine good enough?

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