Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Lady Chinky Eyes"

Oh Papa John...you're giving a bad name to the Italian-American populace. If you don't yet know the story, here's the quick run-down:

Yeah. That's the ACTUAL receipt and some of my more digitally savvy readers have already seen this on Twitter...the night it went viral. 

So, Big Papa apologized and the employee who typed in "lady chinky eyes" rather than "Minhee Cho" (the patron's actual name...) has been summarily dismissed. I'm sure the folks at the 3070th are in a shambles without the wry wit and subtle humor that this co-worker provided. But what was he/she thinking? Is this a newish sort of technology for that particular employee? When typing in NAME, for the receipt and box identifier, was the fact that "lady chinky eyes" would appear unclear? 

I don't have any kind of big plan for this post...there's no deep meaning. All I can say is that people are, on so many levels, fundamentally idiotic.

Wonder if she ordered horse meat on that pizza?

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