Saturday, January 28, 2012

Part 3

This'll make sense. Keep reading.

So. I've talked about finding your Muse. This is important because we all need inspiration. It can be a song, a friend, a painting, an offer from a friend to use her garage for welding...anything really. Whatever inspires you.

I've talked about what do when your Muse is gone and you've lost inspiration or your path has been interrupted by whatever it is: illness, time, space, anything.

So what's the third step? I feel like maybe I need to explain this now, rather than wait a week, because I don't want to end on a negative. It's important for you to see the positive, and the goodness...because it's out there and it's all within you anyway. You just have to see it.

Let's say you've identified what makes you feel that creative surge. You've spent some time being creative, feeling your best. Let's also say you've had moments where you've felt lost. We all do, it's part of being a human. We are never given a complete paradise and you can attribute that to reasons stemming from the Garden of Eden or just because "that's how it goes."  It really doesn't matter. Times happen that suck.

When times suck, and you look around and do what I said in yesterday's blog -- see the positives around you, dig in and hang on -- a strange thing happens: you see the joy and the beauty in your own little sphere. You tap back into the love, connectedness and value of your life AS IS. You find that whatever Muse you were looking for has been in front of you the whole time.

Remember when Dorothy gets knocked out? In her concussive state she looks outside of her own world for her inspiration and happiness. But what happens? She finds a witch instead. And when she wakes up, she realizes that the home she has, the one that's been there the whole time, is all she really needs. And she connects back to it. She tells her whole story to those whom she loves, and who love her back, and everyone gets a good laugh out of it and in the end, she's happy to grow where she's planted. That's the story. It's timeless because it's true.

Almost always, if we look around us with an open heart, we can see that we have abundant blessings...that we're surrounded by love and acceptance and we don't need anything else. There's no wizard out there who will fix it all. Like Dorothy learns, we learn too that all we ever needed was right in front of us all along. The question boils down to this: how far do you have to go to decide to focus on your own reality? How much do you have to lose, or change, or risk to decide to see the blessings right in front of you?

There's no perfection to be found. There is only that which is enough. And in every religion, every spiritual practice, every paradigm out there we are told that we should grow where we're planted. So get to it, friends. Turn your eye to what you have right now, right here and grow it. It's all you've got. Take care of it.

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