Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Got this pic from C.C.'s blog.

I've been spending a fair amount of time collecting other people's words because I have none of my own. Seems like something someone ELSE said ought to inspire something new from me, yeah? No. 

A really long time ago, or January 25th 2011, I wrote the very first Dirty Words ever, and I explained why this wouldn't be a "Mommy-blog." Since then I've written about 110 other things and now I'm in a weird, expanding, unsettling place where I don't have words I like or words that make me laugh. I'm working on it, but I'm also working through it...stupid Buddha. Probably I need pills of some sort, and honestly that thought makes me salivate. I adore pills. 

But probably what I need is a shove in some direction or another. Maybe I can hearken back to THIS POST about pretend Spring and what it does to my brain every year...this really is a spectacular compendium of my world. And yes, I am wimping out here today and just sending you back to old stuff you might not have read, or remember.

Eventually, I assume, there will be new words and new righteous indignation and things that make me want to barf up my every innard in mocking disgust. But for now, as my little universe expands, I'm left with empty hands and a mind so open it has nothing to send out. That's how it goes I guess. Today (and until I'm ready to grasp the expansion, perhaps) I shall be cashing in my coupon for saying NO. Don't click that link, Luke!! It's a trap!! 


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