Friday, March 16, 2012

Blasting your face

This morning, while wasting time and looking for whatever it is I look for, I found a page written in Dutch. Thanks to Google, I translated it quickly and read a sentence that, in its utter inability to BE translated, made me think.

Whatever the Dutch was, Google decided that the English should read: "...make sure you go blasting of all possibilities." 

I have no clue what the Dutchman wanted to tell his brethren readers with that portion of his sentence, but what he accidentally told me is so great I can't even handle it. Make sure I go blasting of all possibilities. Let's really define this one.

Make sure: this implies that it's important. I have a responsibility MAKE SURE. When you're sure, there's no doubt, and when I make sure, then it's up to me to create the undoubtable nature. 

You go: I mean, this is a directive. YOU GO. Do it. Hey, YOU....GO! 

Blasting: this word, blasting, creates an image of explosive force. One doesn't blast quietly through a door into a room. If I blast my way through a park trail, I am certainly not meandering slowly...I AM BLASTING. You know I'm coming, you know I'm here, you know when I've left. Sometimes, blasting is the only way to live.

All possibilities: holy crap. All of them? Every possibility. All possibilities. Not all options....not all choices presented to you...all POSSIBILITIES...even the ones you don't quite think are real.  Because what's possible isn't usually what's probable, available, or even realistic in any given situation. What's possible is infinite.

Make sure you go blasting of all possibilities!! 

If that's not a call to action, then absolutely nothing is. And now you've read it too, except I'm not Dutch, so I don't know if it'll carry the same weight. That's sort of a cultural bias you have to deal with on your own. However, we're headed into a week end in my hemisphere, and I want to know from my dearly beloved readers: how do you plan to make sure you go blasting of all possibilities? How do you envision your life, even for one day, if you left no room for self-doubt, for negative thinking?

What would happen to you if you just grabbed on to a passion or an idea or a dream...and then made absolutely certain that you destroyed any notions that it couldn't happen? 

It's good advice...who knew the Dutch were so freakin' smart?

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