Friday, March 23, 2012

C'est la vie, suckers

Poetic interpretation...and cool tattoo idea.

"C'est la vie, say the old goes to show you never can tell."  -Chuck Berry

This is my new default response, sort of like an inner auto-reply. It means "such is life" and I don't think it's an excuse or justification for standing still. Rather, it's an acknowledgement that things are as they are; to rail against any situation is pretty futile. But to examine any thing and decide how to move with it or away from it is the truest way to affect change in your life.

Let's say you hate your job, as many people do. But "at least you have a job," right? Sort of. You can very easily give up and sink in to what you believe is a current you can't change, or you can sink in to find the current OUT. You do the job you hate while finding satisfaction either in an outside interest, or in cultivating as many other possibilities as you can, within the current. 

Let's pretend you're dealing with an illness, either your own or someone else's. This one is really a current out of which there's no real exit. This one really IS what it is. Such is life! But friends and confidantes, professionals and strangers, all appear if you're willing to see them. Every person over a certain age has gone through losing someone they love, and no one out there is in it alone. Moving with and through this crisis knowing that it IS life can ease the agony.

What if you're just not happy? Like, just...not...happy. At all. Anywhere. Ever. Number one, might I recommend a visit to your doctor? And perhaps a magical pill? Number B, might I also suggest that you adopt a "c'est la vie" attitude for a couple of weeks and see what happens? Surrender to the human condition for a bit. Understand that changes happen over time, sometimes almost imperceptibly, and that without much fanfare we can find that we're standing in a place we didn't expect to be.

When you let go of your own egotistical expectations, you can never tell where your path will take you. Such is life...grab opportunities by being open to seeing them! Don't discount what appear at first to be set backs or obstacles, because they may simply be things designed to nudge (or shove) you in a different direction. Very rarely is a situation devoid of hope, of growth opportunity, or positiveness. In the darkest of nights people still find light.

The old folks have always known it.  

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