Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beer and women.

This is a woman. With a beer.

I am a woman. (*GASP!)

I like beer. (*GASP*GASP!)

I like really obscenely dark beer, though...sorry 'bout that. Anyway, I love the Newcastle ads that have been released as part of their "No Bollocks" campaign. Here's the one I adore. (And also feel like I should hate, or be mad about, or feel slighted in some way over...but don't.)

A few weeks ago, Huggies pulled an ad that made some (ahem) gentlemen angry because it depicted dads as idiots, in their own burly opinions. Their delicate sensibilities had been offended and they made a giant poopy stink about it and Huggies took notice and pulled their ad. Google it. I'm not writing about crap laden diapers and sissy men. 

I'm writing about beer.

And manly women. Who are, apparently, unattractive!

If I were a Huggies dad, I'd be all up in arms, and in a dither with my diaper in a wad because this ad offends my feminist leanings (which aren't apparently strong enough to handle a joke about the very true nature of ugly women.)

But I'm not a Huggies dad. I'm a beer drinking woman with feminist leanings strong enough to handle a joke about the very true nature of ugly women.  

So, I like this ad. It doesn't offend me. I'm "man enough" to handle a joke about a woman so ugly they won't show her face. And why not? That's funny! So is a joke about a dad who'd rather let his baby lay in crap than get up from the Barcalounger to remove the odor from directly below his nose. So are the myriad jokes about guffawing dads, stupid boyfriends, vapid women and tampons. 

I mean, have you ever noticed the ads for TOILET PAPER?? My word, that should offend all of us on every level, and yet those ads were very successful with nary a peep from either side of the bed. Everyone needs to grow a pair of the gonads of their choice and have a laugh.

I think it's what Buddha wants.

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