Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We have a right to the White House's beer

So here's a nugget: The White House has a home brew. Yeah that's right.

While we've all been worried about taxes, and poverty, and abortions, and rapists, and entitlements, and pipelines, and wind or coal, and wars, and the type of marriage called gay, and healthcare...there's been craft beer brewing on Pennsylvania Avenue! 

WE, the American people, have been duped and side lined. We've been misdirected from what's really important in our lives, and that is alcohol. Specifically, a Honey Ale fit for the leader of the free world. 


That's the link to the petition to release the recipe. If you're any kind of patriot whatsoever, you'll sign it. 

Thank you John L., from Washington DC, for thinking of the people when no one else could be bothered. A drunk nation is a more compliant nation...and really that solves most of the problems I listed above. 

Here's the petition link again, in case you missed it:

And here are some hashtags:  #whitehouse #homebrew #onlinepetitions #honeyale

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