Friday, September 14, 2012

Trickling Socialism

There are two terms running amok lately: "Trickle down economics" and "socialism." What's the difference, I want to's one way of looking at it that's super simplified.

Trickle down economics posits that by creating open wealth in the top echelon of the economy, people in possession of that wealth will create new jobs, spend more money and generally boost the health of the economy at large. It's the "I got mine" philosophy in adult terms.

Socialism posits that allowing the majority of the populace to determine the placement of money and resources will create a strong economy and strengthen the health at large with the majority having the most resources to dump back into the market. It's the "I got mine" disguised as "We got ours" so it sounds more noble.

And no surprise: neither one works. 

You want to know why? Because "I got mine" (in any semantic arrangement) is a human condition that can't be legislated, taxed or policy-ed out of us. We're hoarders at an Evolutionary/Biblical level. I don't care where you think we came from we were created to get and keep.

NO ADULT SHARES WILLINGLY because sharing is for chumps and children. (But that's redundant isn't it?)

What this means is that the far right and the far left are arguing for the exact same thing, just from two different points of view concerning who the "I" in the "I got mine" sentence is. And this is why it's all just a little bit of history repeating. None of it makes a bit of difference to me because what I got is blessedly one wants it and no one is after it. I'm falling out of the middle class at an alarming rate and I figure when I get to the bottom I'll be the freest I've ever been, because what do I have left to lose?

And I'll let all the idiots up top argue about what they got and how they're planning on keeping it. Maybe some scraps will fall down to my level, but after all is said and done - I'm still a white girl living in America. And I'm smart enough to know that that's about as good as it gets.

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