Friday, October 12, 2012

Wondering if it's all worth it....

Don't's rude.
I'm making some changes; I might just be done with it all. Those who really know me know what's going on, and everyone else should ask themselves why they don't. Of course I'll never understand people and so I'm left wondering what it all means, and if things will ever work out right.

I just need everyone's prayers right now. Private message me if you want to know the details, but let me be specific: I have a real hard time trusting someone's words when they become drastically different than their actions. In life, you should be able to depend on your family and friends, but I guess that's not true anymore. Why do we even bother? I might be done with it all. Did I mention that?

YES...that's right. This post brought to you today by "Vaguebooking." The latest and greatest in passive-aggressive Facebook posting wherein an author can stir up all sorts of intrigue and drama without sharing anything "too personal" on a public internet site. 

It's got its purpose, no doubt. When a person has painful urination due to vigorous activities without protection, they NEED a way to share that with 837 of their nearest and dearest without actually saying what's going on. In reality, their close friends will already know...and if you're one of the 837 who haven't actually spoken to your good friend with a dire need for penicillin, then maybe you need to A) be better friend or B) be thankful you're not. 

Vaguebooking is a powerful tool, used by people who need the thoughts and prayers but can't really share why everyone should direct valuable mental energy their way. God knows their hearts and everyone else can sit in judgement of them on their own time, because the Vaguebooker knows that people like that just aren't worth their time anymore. 

You  might be thinking, "I never signed up for this!" and if you are, why not post that right now on Facebook? It'll let everyone know that you're thinking *something* but you're just not willing to let it all out. After all, you have privacy standards. There certainly are times in life when only faith can get us through, and those are the times that I like best to publicly broadcast that I don't expect everything, but I need something. My good friends know what I mean, and they'll show up for me.

If you're going to ask me questions then you'd better be ready for some hard truths because I only have time for people who care. And also time for Vaguebooking, but that's really a service I provide.... At any rate, it's important to remember that if you mess with my family, this Lady Bug gets mean quick. It's all fun and games until someone forgets their place.

After all, Facebook is the place to share and reconnect. It's a wild ride for sure and sometimes you just have to throw your hands up, shake your head and wonder why. 

It's all good!

(PS- my real friends will recognize where I boldly plagiarized their exact comments from one personal Facebook thread dating September 24th, 2012. The rest of you can inbox me if you want details.)

(PPS- I will not be responding to any inbox messages asking for personal information. BACK OFF.)

** Addendum- Due to an overwhelming outpouring of support for me, I feel I should clarify:  I am making fun of the act of "Vaguebooking" which has been described as posting intentionally vague status updates. I am not suicidal or asking for help in any way here, except maybe to ask that everyone try hard to not Vaguebook. This entire post has been a joke. (Do you feel tricked? Quit Vaguebooking!!) 

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