Monday, January 7, 2013

Things I Like

Okay this is the first blog post for the calendar year, and one thing I'm going to try to do is pay more attention to what's good because honestly...I can't handle seeing all the bad and hypocritical happenings in the world. So here are a few things I think are just swell, in no particular order.

Snyder's Sourdough Pretzels.
You can eat these plain, dip them in melted cheese, cover them in mustard or crush them and put them on chicken. They're good no matter what you do with them. And they make me happy. But sometimes they make me thirsty.

Teavana Pixie Tea Glasses.
I got these for Christmas this year and I ADORE them. They're light and feminine (like me, DUH) and they make my tea look so fancy. I think you can probably put a little candle in there...perhaps a, wait for it...tea light? And it would be pretty too. Gents, there's nothing wrong with having a little class when you drink tea. And single gents - it wouldn't kill you to have something kind of cool in your place when you entertain a  lady. These make me happy.

Lush Cosmetics - Bath Bombs
My favorite...the Sex Bomb. Yeah that's right. Here's what Lush has to say about the Sex Bomb:

"What's in a name? When it comes to the Sex Bomb we take the moniker seriously. A must for any romantic bath, our world famous sphere of sex appeal contains all of Nature's most potent and seductive ingredients we could think of to get you in the mood for a good...bath."

Neato, huh?

Uhh, I love BACON. Just, a ton of bacon. As much bacon as one person can eat without having a coronary on the spot. Sweet, delicious, savory, salty, perfect bacon. On potatoes, on french fries, on pizza, on brussel sprouts, on salads, on burgers, on other pieces of bacon, on ice cream, on pasta...BACON.
Do you see that bacon is perfection? Not bacon made of soy or soy product...bacon. I prefer mine humanely raised and sort of suddenly, surprisingly killed. I hate that an animal has to die but oh my word, I really think that my love and reverence for the sacrifice has to equal out the carnage. Here is the only kind of Bacon I don't like: 

Unless it has other pieces of the RIGHT KIND of bacon on it.

The pictured bourbon is my current favorite, but I'm open to trying and reviewing others if any bourbon maker out there wants to send me a sample or 17. The best thing about bourbon (besides EVERYTHING) is that it goes with all your bacon dishes. It also goes with your mouth. And that's why I love it.

I mean...really. Once I've set myself up with a bowl of bacon covered pretzels, poured some bourbon into my tea glass (which looks A LOT like tea!) and drawn a sex bomb bath, what's left EXCEPT the tiara?

I'm a lady after all and this is how I live.

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