Saturday, December 6, 2014

That's Really Something

I have children. It's December. I'm not religious but I take part in the gift giving that comes with the month. Here are a few gifts that I think are really.....something. I won't place any judgement on them. I leave that to you!

A cleaning trolley. Because every parent wants to clean up the toys made to look like the child was cleaning. Please don't buy it here

Temporary tattoos are for chumps. Real love lasts forever...or is at least designed so it can be changed later.

Nothing says "I support your disgusting habit" quite like a coughing, screaming lungs ashtray. Full disclosure - I kind of want this

From the introduction: "A large penis is really surplus to requirements." It's a feel-good book for everyone, really. 

Yes, it's a shoulder bag made from a whole toad skin. It appears to open from the ass-end. That's where I like to keep MY chapsticks....I guess? 

That's five. You know how I like odd. Happy December.